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  • Mary Anne Harris

Top Reasons To Conduct Background Checks

What if all you had to do to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person was as easy as running a background check.

There are many reasons employers conduct various levels of screening for prospective employees through a background investigation, a reference check or both. Here are the top five reasons to conduct background and reference checks.

1. To protect clients and employees.

2. To improve quality of hires for retention.

3. To follow mandated laws and regulation.

4. To protect the reputation of your company.

5. To prevent and reduce the risk of theft, embezzlement, and any other criminal activity.

Performing background checks should not only be done on potential new hires, but also current employees. It can help you uncover any potential issues lurking in the background that could end up costing you and your business a lot of money. It may also be a requirement for your E&O insurance to maintain background checks on all employees as a condition of coverage so be sure to check your policy.



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