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Who We Are

Escrow Reconciliation Leader  

Positively Balanced, was founded in 2000, based on a need for more robust solutions in escrow reconciliation. The business was designed specifically to help service title professionals, and title insurance underwriters with their accounting needs.



Our team of professional accountants provide:


  • Daily Reconciliation

  • Weekly Reconciliation

  • Monthly Reconciliation

  • Positive Pay

  • Firm Consulting

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Internal Audits 

  • Customized Bookkeeping



Our clients find comfort in knowing their accounting is secure, accurate and compliant with industry regulations and best practices.


Why Use Us

Compliance: Most state bars and title insurance underwriters require monthly reconciliations of your escrow trust accounts. Licensed title agencies are required to submit their reconciliations to their licensing title insurers on a monthly basis. Certain title insurers may require their attorney title insurance agents to submit monthly as well. All procedures are designed towards meeting ALTA Best Practices. 


Fraud prevention: Segregating and limiting control and access to your accounts is key to fraud prevention within your business. Having a third party dedicated to detecting mistakes and errors in your accounts meets this need.


Experienced professionals: Our staff is comprised of industry professionals with over 50 years combined experience in the real estate settlement process, bookkeeping, escrow trust accounting, and auditing.


Flexible: We work around your schedule and customize our services to your business based on the number of accounts and amount of volume within the accounts. 


Management: We take the time to show you how to effectively review your reconciliation reports and focus on those transactions that may lead to potential liabilities and risks to your agency. We help you implement procedures targeting such transactions on a regular basis to keep risks at a minimum.