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Clients' Funds

Customized Services   

Positively Balanced offers escrow reconciliation service solutions for title agents.  Our integrated services provide a customized client experience for the monitoring of transactions, fraud detection, and audit readiness while ensuring that you fall under proper compliance regulations and ALTA’s Best Practices. Our services help real estate attorneys and title insurance companies save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes.


Our experience, knowledge, and business expertise make us the industry leader. Our innovative solutions and elite consultative services help our nationwide clients with far beyond compliance. 

Accounting Documents


We offer escrow reconciliation solutions that provide real-time monitoring of escrow accounts to protect clients from fraud vulnerability.




Positive Pay is a service that is used as a check fraud deterrent and helps protect companies against altered and counterfeit checks.


Office Desk



We meet the full accounting needs of our clients by providing an array of  bookkeeping services .

Accounting Documents


We offer a full review of monthly escrow reconciliation accounts to make sure clients have the required reports and maintain compliant three-way reconciled accounts. 



We assist in the annual process of submitting you 1099-S documents for proper tax reporting.

Office Desk

Escheatment of 
Unclaimed Property

We assist in the process of reporting and turning over all forms of unclaimed or abandoned property to the state.

What Clients Say About Us

Who better to hear from about how Positively Balanced can benefit your operation than other industry professionals and our customers? 

WHAT Clients SAY

Positively Balanced has performed our third-party reconciliation for 18 years.  Mary Anne takes a personal interest in her clients and is always striving to improve her services and find ways to help her clients protect their accounts.  She is actively involved in keeping up with and learning new systems that affect our industry; and, she gently guides her clients to use the new systems and protections!  The entire staff at Positively Balanced is knowledgeable, responsive and courteous.  I can’t imagine ever using anyone else.

Pam Robinson

Neel, Robinson & Stafford, LLC 

Client Since 2000

WHAT Clients SAY

Mary Anne and her team's meticulous detail to bank reconciliation on a daily basis makes my life at work easier. I receive constant communication and updates to maintain excellent relationships with all title Insurance Underwriters as well as State reporting requirements.

Sam McGuire

Law Firm Owner and Partner 

Client Since 2000

WHAT Clients SAY

My firm has used Positively Balanced for nearly 20 years. The Positively Balanced staff are client focused and fantastic communicators. We have used them to reconcile all of our accounts, including Positive Pay for our escrow account. They are excellent at verifying unusual items due to their personal knowledge of our accounts. They also keep our accounts audit ready and assist with that process, which our title underwriters love. Positively Balanced is at the top of our vendor list when it comes to quality work.

Michael Howe

The Law Office of Michael Howe, LLC

Client Since 2002

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