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  • Mary Anne Harris

Simplify Escrow, Save Time, Avoid Mistakes

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Positively Balanced offers escrow reconciliation service solutions for title agents.  Our integrated services provide a customized client experience for the monitoring of transactions, fraud detection, and audit readiness while ensuring that you fall under proper compliance regulations. Our services help real estate attorneys and title insurance companies save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Business Is Protecting Your Business

Positively Balanced provides customized bookkeeping and reconciliation services for attorneys and title agents. Since we are an independently owned, boutique company we are able to customize our services to match your business needs and demands.

The Positively Balanced Team

In order to provide the highest level of personalized service, Positively Balanced, uses a dedicated, team approach for each client. We will remain in constant contact with each client so that you are immediately alerted when there is a potential problem with your account.

Safeguards Against Fraud

Safeguard your accounts against fraud with regular, professional monitoring. Mistakes, errors, and are easier to spot when you have a dedicated team looking at the numbers regularly.

Alta Best Practices

We provide a comprehensive review and analysis to ensure that your firm meets ALTA Best Practices. We develop and implement a plan that is compliant and works within your limitations. Our team constantly monitors your accounts and provides you the documentation and instructions you need to meet guidelines.



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